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Japanese 須佐能乎
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-Male Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Japanese Mythology

Chaos Faction (formerly)
Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Ikōsai Aisu
Susanoo (須佐能乎) had the potential to be the ruling Diva of Japanese Mythology. He is the Yin to Amaterasu's Yang. In Volume 9 his contractor Ikōsai Aisu lost to Hayashizaki Kazuki and failed to win the title of King.

Personality Edit

He is cruel power-hungry and self-absorbed. He became frustrated that the Japanese Mythology had been discarded by Japan and grown weak. He joined forces with Loki and a group of Chinese agents and helped them turn his brethren into Wild Gods and conquer western Japan. But he was always on the lookout for signs of weakness in his allies too.  He also arranged for the brutal murder of Amaterasu’s contractor when she refused to officially nominate her as a candidate for King of Japan since she was too weak.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Level ?: Izumo Yaegaki ・ Dankai Bakufu: Creates a giant cloud dome that's big enough to cover a whole town, preventing anyone inside from getting out and anyone outside from getting in.

Level ?: Izumo Yaegaki ・ Kumo Ito Shibari: Strings made of cloud come down from the sky and wrap around the enemies' waist making their location easily known.

Level ?: Izumo Yaegaki ・ Suijougai: Steam is released with tremendous force that then becomes a wall of cloud that can protect the caster from fire and electricity.

Level ?: Ame no Habakiri: Summons a deep black Sacred Treasure sword, it is a mysterious sword with the edge of the blade forking into eight. This sword has the ability to produce eight slashes with each swing and seven of them are made of magic power making it very difficult to defend against.

Level ?: Fuujin Kenbu: Reinforcement magic that manipulates wind to increase movement speed.

Level ?: Chouriki Shourai: Reinforcement magic that summons the strength of Susanoo to increase physical strength.

Level ?: Heitei Banrai: A large scale destruction magic that summons dark clouds which rain lightning down on the enemy.

Level ?: Bougyaku Bushin: High-level reinforcement magic that increases the user's speed and strength close to the level of Susanoo himself.

Different Powers Edit

Power of Usurpation: The Semi-Chief of Japanese Mythology is granted this authority. Given the nature of Susanoo as the rival this authority is gaining strength and stealing the King’s Authority of others. The contractor has to deal the final blow to use this power, and a minor use is stealing a Diva’s divinity to regain strength.

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