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Thor manga
Japanese トール
Rōmaji Tōru
Other names Þórr (Old Norse)
Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Status Alive
Relatives Odin (father)
Eye Red
Hair Red
Affiliation Norse Mythology

Hrotsvit Lesedrama (former King)
Hayashizaki Kazuki (former ally)

Partner(s) Beatrix Baumgard
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 2
Manga debut Chapter 22
Thor (トール) is the son of Odin and the second most powerful Diva of Norse Mythology. He is the contracted Diva of Beatrix Baumgard. In Volume 13 after Hrotsvit Lesedrama’s defeat

Beatrix becomes the King of Germany.


Thor looks like a man the violent Vikings worshiped, a strong muscled soldier with red pupils and a red beard.


He's known to be hot-headed and aggressive. He tends to rush into combat and rely on raw power rather than sound strategy in order to win his fights.


Background Edit

Thor is a Diva of Norse Mythology. When he bonded with Beatrix he made her second only to the King of Germany Hrotsvit Lesedrama, contractor of Odin, in terms of authority.


Volume 2 Edit

When a powerful Demonic Beast turned up suddenly during her first battle with Hayashizaki Kazuki, Beatrix summoned him in order to fight against it. He appeared again during their second battle so he could give Loki a message from Odin. Though they had agreed on the surface to help Japan hunt down Loki, they only wanted to bring him home again. But Loki refused to abide by their strict doctrines, and Thor recognized that their old friendship was over. Since Loki's contractor Kaya was already weakened she was forced to withdraw from the battle before anything could be settled between them.

Powers and Abilities Edit

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level 1: Berserk: Magic booster that increases physical strength and reflexes.

Level 2: Megingjord: Magic reinforcement that enhances physical strength further.

Level 3: Fjorgyn Megin: Lightning is coated.

Level ?: Blits Pfeil: The caster can shoot lightning from their hands.

Level 10: Mjölnir: Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor. It carries the power of "destruction of all creation", which explains the devastating strikes it can deal against enemies. Kazuki was able to use it to smash Ilya's strongest spell.

King's Authority: Edit

Authority of Norse Mythology's King: As the Semi-Chief of Norse Mythology, she inherited Hrotsvit Lesedrama's authority after her passing. With it, she is capable of using runes in combat. If she has any doubt the power wavers, but it also revives once that doubt is conquered or in a frenzied stupor. Some of the runes can talk with her, and their voices remind Beatrix of Hrotsvit. This is possibly Thor's trump card. While her Authority increases power at the cost of defense of the body. Thor's authority sacrifices the mind's doubt to rampage. Hence why the runes advise her to keep fighting.

  • Rune of Foresight: Like Kazuki's Foresight, she can predict the opponent's next move.
  • Rune of Detection: It amplifies Beatrix's magic perception.
  • Rune of Sorcery: Accelerates the chant of low-level magic slightly.
  • Rune of Defense: With it, the rune shines and flies on its own to block attacks that would harm Beatrix.
  • Rune of Selection: Beatrix can accurately choose which attacks she must evade and which can hit her without a problem. With it, she was able to discern Ilya's Kladenets of Revenge.
  • Rune of Strength: It amplifies Beatrix's strength.


  • In Norse mythology, Thor (/θɔr/; from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility.
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