Torazō Yamada
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Torazou Yamada
Japanese 山田 寅蔵
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age 16
Status Alive
Hair Red
Occupation Swordsman

Swordsmanship Division Student Council (formerly)

Affiliation Swordsmanship Division

Team Otonashi Kaguya (Election Tournament)

School National Knight Academy
Partner(s) Otonashi Kaguya

Hiakari Koyuki
Hayashizaki Kanae

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 1

Torazō Yamada (山田 寅蔵) was the third strongest student among the second years in the Swordsmanship Division. He was also the 3rd seat in the Swordsmanship Division Student Council until Volume 3 when Hikita Kōhaku defeated Hayashizaki Kanae and disbanded the old council.


Torazō is a boy with spiky red hair as well as grey eyes. Kazuki described him as a guy that was cleanly dressed with short hair. Torazō wears a Swordsmanship Division's male uniform. He also wears an Odachi on his waist.


Torazō is a very hardworking student and does everything to help the Swordsmanship Division. He usually does all of the paperwork of the Swordsmanship Division that his President couldn't easily do which leaves him exhausted and has no interest in accepting more responsibility than he can handle.


Background Edit

Torazō proved his strength in his first year at the National Knight Academy, enough to earn him a seat on the Student Council of the Swordsmanship Division at the start of his second year.


Volume 1Edit

When a conflict broke out again with the Magic Division Torazō lacked the confidence to confront magicians (as many swordsmen did) and sought out President Hayashizaki Kanae. She was frustrated as she was in the middle of giving her brother Hayashizaki Kazuki a guided tour. He was confused why she was calling him nii-san despite being the older sister. Kazuki encouraged him not to try to make sense of it. Kanae wound up in a fight with two members of the Magic Division and was able to hold her own. Thanks to the intervention of the Magic Division President Otonashi Kaguya the situation was soon resolved. Torazō apologized again for his inability to resolve such a problem without their help.

He was in attendance when Kazuki dueled with a sword against the Rank-A magician Amasaki Miō. He used remarkable foresight to dodge her magic and skill equal to Kanae to interrupt her casting. When he won the fight the Swordsmanship Division was thrilled while the magic users were stunned. It was proof of what Kanae had always told him, that even if they had been told that magic users were overwhelmingly superior didn't mean it was true. If they worked hard enough they might be able to prove they could stand side-by-side as equals.

He greeted Kazuki just before the Inter-Division matches. He would be facing off against the Magic Division Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru. He told an embarrassed Kazuki that he was inspired by his win and would try his best. Indeed, during the fight he was able to dodge several magic attacks early on, but after Hikaru managed to cast her spell to increase her speed and reflexes she completely dominated the fight. She got carried away in fact and she had to be stopped before she killed him. Despite his loss, Kanae was impressed by what he did. Kazuki also won his fight with Vice-President Kamiizumi Iori, against all the odds, by unlocking new magic. Then the Illegal Magician Kaya attacked, summoning dragons. The students jumped in to cover the spectators so they could be evacuated. He helped cover for the magicians who were fighting the dragons. He also helped Kanae when she was attacked by a dragon she thought was already dead. But in the end Kaya was totally taken over by Loki, changing the course of history. Kazuki also demonstrated his potential by driving him away and doing a full summoning to save Amasaki Miō's life.

Volume 2 Edit

Torazō paid a visit to the Witch's House, home of the Magic Division Student Council. He told Kazuki that he was impressed with how well everyone there worked together, admitting it was very different on their council. He noted that his President and Vice-President were obsessed with their own training and shoved all their paperwork on him. He was surprised to run into Hikita Kōhaku there, who was someone they were trying to recruit as a potential council member for next year. But she felt a fierce rivalry against the Magic Division and had lost respect for Kanae when she began working together with Kaguya recently. She had stopped attending meetings and said she no longer wanted to be a council member.

After Kazuki disobeyed orders and defeated Germany’s Ace Knight Beatrix Baumgard to protect his classmate Charlotte Lieben Frau the Knight Order suddenly changed the stance on him and declared him a dangerous Illegal Magician. Torazō knew nothing about what was going on with Lotte or Kazuki’s status as the King of the 72 Pillars. The order was handed to Kaguya to arrest him, and he was the only one she informed and recruited to help her. Since the arrest warrant came for the Knight Order they didn’t question its validity for a moment. She knew he would obey orders and didn’t want anyone ales close to Kazuki to have to choose between their duty and Kazuki. He didn't even tell Kanae what was going on. They attacked the party just after they finished a massive battle and were thus low on magic power. Kazuki was shocked and tried to tell them this it was a mistake but they refused to listen to anything he was saying and treated him like a criminal. They told him that Lotte would be deported back to Germany (where she was facing a death sentence for the crime of being an Illegal Magician). Kazuki was forced to fight back, but the fact that they resisted arrest only reinforced the notion in their minds they were criminals.

Torazō himself didn’t have much impact on the battle and kept getting blown away by their magic, but was able to keep fighting. But Kaguya was someone they would be hard pressed to defeat even at full strength. Her power forced her opponents to feel pain and only Lotte, with her strong Telepathy had any defense against it. Kaguya used Near Death Roulette to deprive them of their senses and would eventually render them unable to fight. Miō was deprived of her sight and sense of touch and finally Kazuki was the only one still able to fight back. Suddenly Hiakari Koyuki appeared and used Moves on the Field to create an opportunity for "the criminals" to escape. Kazuki had to carry Miō with them.

But while they weren't able to move on the ice, they were pursuing them by riding on tentacles produced by Kaguya's magic. Kaguya felt surrendering and accepting their punishment was the best thing Kazuki could do to prevent even worse from happening to him. No one apparently had given any thought to how the 72 Pillars would react to Japan's treatment of their own King. Koyuki had overheard these plans and Kaguya was surprised that she had chosen to support "the criminals". But Koyuki knew that she was just as torn about what she was doing, noting how she had been crying when she accepted this Quest. Koyuki used her most powerful magic to fight back but Kaguya was too strong. Just as all hope for them seemed lost Kōhaku appeared too, shocking Torazō, and she was armed with several Sacred Treasures. Kaguya and Koyuki didn’t even know who she was but she was able to provide cover for them, allowing the group to finally successfully make their escape. Kaguya collapsed in tears over what she had been forced to do.

Volume 3 Edit

Two days had passed, Kanae had punished him for not informing her of what was going on. Kazuki had been charged with stealing a Sacred Treasure and assaulting two Knights who tried to confiscate it. Kanae insisted that either her brother’s Diva was influencing him (in which case she would be okay with the Stigma Transplant Operation despite the danger), or he was being framed. She was confident she would be able to tell if they spoke. She frankly didn’t care what happened to Lotte. Torazō found this idea absurd, as no student would be able to pull off a frame job this elaborate (at that point hardly anyone knew Kazuki was a King and thus would never think there was a larger conspiracy at work).

It was known that Kōhaku had aided in their escape and was probably helping them hide out in the Swordsmanship Division in secret. Despite this she was still brazenly walking around and attending class as if nothing happened.  It was also suspected that some of their teachers including Tsukahara Hisatada were helping them, paralyzing the staff of the Magic Division. They couldn’t do a massive search of the school without alerting the students about the full situation. The Student Council of the Magic Division was also paralyzed at the moment because their Vice-President wasn't sure she believed the charges and wouldn't participate in the investigation. By monitoring the security cameras Iori noticed that Kōhaku frequently visited a supposedly abandoned clubroom late at night and the room’s locks had been changed. They planned to search it, arrest and suspend the students there and try to learn where they were hiding the fugitives.

Kōhaku and her cohorts had been expecting their attack and were ready for it. They sought to seize control of the Student Council as the first step in their plans. The position of President was decided by strength alone, if Kōhaku could beat Kanae she would be the new President. Her friends attacked Torazō and Iori armed with Sacred Treasures and easily overwhelmed them and drained their magic power. Kanae felt strongly that Kōhaku's goal of trying to seize power over the Magic Division by force was misguided and would only turn people against them. It would undo all the efforts and progress her brother and Kaguya had made to bring the two schools together recently with outreach and goodwill. Despite Kōhaku having six Sacred Treasures Kanae was able to foresight and dodge almost everything that was thrown at her and came very close to winning against her with only her pure martial arts skill, which was far superior. Kōhaku had won but her confidence was badly shaken. Kanae was confident she would be stopped by her brother or by Kaguya who had far more power. In the end the old Student Council was dismantled and its members suspended for attacking their juniors and placed under house arrest in the dorm.

One day the Swordsmanship Division is attacked by 10 mysterious and powerful magicians who burn down several buildings, targeting the students. The Headmaster ordered the Magic Division to take cover and not interfere, saying it was too dangerous. It seemed impossible to disrupt the chanting of these attackers and they showed signs of having multiple types of Summoning Magic. Few students had the courage to face them anyway. A few brave members of the students and staff disobeyed orders and were able to help the students evacuate safely. Once the students were evacuated the “fugitive” Kazuki led a team of friends and allies from both schools and defeated all of them. Kazuki then exposed the Headmaster as an Illegal Magician and the mastermind of the plot. Board Chairman Amasaki became the new Headmaster. It was declared the two schools would be led under one banner now and be treated as equal.

Volume 4 Edit

In class, the format for the Chief Student Council President election was laid out. Each candidate would form a four-person team with two people from each division. They would compete in a tournament meant to display both their fighting skills and their leadership qualities. After that an election would be held with all students having an equal vote. During lunch the residents were called back to the house along with their friends from the Sword Division, all the people seen as likely candidates. Though most of them had been nominated only three of them were actually running. Kōhaku was already planning to resign as President and was unable to convince Kanae to take the job again. Kazuki’s team had Miō, Kōhaku and Tsukahara Kazuha, who wanted to work with her best friend. Everyone had expected Kanae to want to join her brother’s team. Instead she said she would rather rival him in the strongest team possible and elected to join Kaguya’s team. She dragged a reluctant Torazō with her, as it wasn't feasible to work with the man-phobic Hikaru. The last member of their team was Koyuki. They seemed likely to be the strongest group in the tournament. The third team was Hikaru’s, her teammates were Lotte and Iori. They were a swordsman short and she later added Kimura Tomomi to her team.

They gathered for the meeting to officially join the tournament. The next group to appear was a pair of twin girls Ryūtaki Miyabi and Ryūtaki Shinobu. They were quite powerful but anti-social and only worked with each other. The twins were identical except Miyabi was an Elf. She thanked Kazuki for disposing of the former Headmaster, who apparently had been trying to capture her as a test subject. She made her romantic interest in Kazuki obvious. They had been recruited by twin boys from the Sword Division Takasugi Shūsui and Takasugi Harunari. They were radicals who advocated that Magika Stigma should be deprived of civil rights and locked away and brainwashed to prevent them from endangering the public. Another team was led by the delinquent Mibu Akira paired with her best friend Asamiya Anna. These girls were forced to attend the Academy against their will because they received an Enigma. In protest they refused to participate in things like Quests or duels so it was impossible to gauge their strength.

As Kazuki feared, as Liz Liza Westwood laid out the rules certain things were banned. Magicians were prohibited from carrying weapons, swordsmen could only use standard magic and Sacred Treasures were banned. In other words everyone on Kazuki’s team but Miō would be fighting with a handicap. A lottery was held for setting the bracket. The teams began to train but with 16 of them, and with them wanting to maintain secrecy, it was hard to find space.

Kazuki’s team fought in the first match. His tactics concentrated on covering for each other and relying on teamwork. This went exactly as planned. With encouragement, Kazuha finds her confidence and defeats her opponent without help, stunning the audience. In the second match Kaguya’s team dominates Kiritani Natsuo's, employing the exact strategy Kazuki predicted. In the third match the twin brothers covered the twin sisters until Lunatic Labyrinth drew them all into a mental world where the other side lost quickly. Kazuki had prepared enough lunch for their whole group to eat together. Kōhaku hadn’t predicted that and had also prepared a feast so there was plenty of food. Even Miyabi snuck into their group and snuck some food. Before being dragged off by her sister she encouraged Kazuki to beat Kaguya and face them in the semi-finals. In the fifth match Hikaru’s team used excellent teamwork and skill to defeat the opponents easily. The fact that Hikaru and Lotte were strong at close range gave them the edge. In the sixth match, Mibu’s team stunned everyone when their swordsmen Katsura Karin and Hayashi Shizuka didn’t even participate. The spell casters were trained enough in Chinese Kenpo to counter the enemy swordsmen and were able to dodge incoming magic. It became a decisive victory for them.

The second round began with Kazuki’s match against Kaguya. In a direct confrontation they could never win, but he had seen through the weaknesses of their opponents. Again using teamwork and the tactics Kazuki devised they are able whittle down the other side and they finally gang up on Kaguya and win. The twin sisters won the second match exactly as they had before. Hikaru faced Mibu’s team next. The swordsmen on that team had hidden their true power before. While Hikaru and Lotte weren’t disadvantaged in magic, their opponents kept mysteriously getting back up every time they were beaten. It was clear they were cheating somehow but the Board Chairman refused to declare the match forfeit without proof. Hikaru received a savage beating from Hayashi who was able to pierce Defensive Magic and injure her gravely while laughing about it.  Kazuki called for the match to end, while everyone else was slow to react. Realizing Hayashi intended to murder Hikaru, Mibu just barely managed to end the fight with her magic first.

The day of the semi-finals arrived. Kazuki confronted the twin brothers with dangerous ideals in the first match. They were unable to prevent the casting of Lunatic Labyrinth and they were all drawn into a mental world. Lunatic Labyrinth ended, the brothers were out already and the sisters were dropping Burning Icicle on the party from the sky. Miō was tried to defend them but her magic wasn’t very effective. Kazuki cast Storm Fort to remove the threat. The sisters cast their Union Magic but Kazuki cleaved the incoming attack in two. The audience cheered and Miyabi was stunned and impressed. She landed and immediately surrendered over her sister’s objections; they had no way to win any longer.   

Her sister and the twin brothers question why she surrendered like that. Kazuki had seen through her true motives. She admitted she was testing him and his worthiness as a leader. Miyabi clearly confessed her love over her sister’s objections. It was revealed that her sister refused to recognize her as an Elf. Her mind wouldn’t accept reality and she wouldn’t spend time with anyone but Miyabi. But this fact also saved Miyabi from the loneliness other Elves experienced. She suggested that Kazuki should conquer them both. As expected the most dangerous team won the second match and progressed to the finals.

Volume 5 Edit

Before the finals a series of exhibition matches were held. This allowed the eliminated teams to display their talents again. It wound up being Kaguya and Hikaru in a battle for third place. The only other people who had been impressive were the twin sisters. Miyabi and her sister sat with Kazuki’s group. Kazuki was asked who he was rooting for.  He wisely sidestepped the issue by cheering for his sister. Koyuki impressed everyone by defending Hikaru’s long-range magic. In the end it became a close-range brawl for everyone. While Hikaru and Lotte had an advantage in that scenario, Kanae was particularly critical in stopping Lotte and in the end only the leaders were left. Those two had fought many times and as always it ended with Hikaru’s loss. Hikaru and Lotte demanded special attention from Kazuki at lunch. Kaguya’s team joined them and Kazuki noted he was especially impressed by Kanae.  They all had fun playing around together. Kazuki wasn’t allowed to make the lunch today and the girls were feeding him the dishes they prepared. When he gave Koyuki special attention and affection the other girls demanded it too.

Before the final match Kazuki spoke to them all about the plot behind the scenes. How the new Board Chairman had arranged this tournament. He also seemed to be in cahoots with that delinquent team to seize control of the Academy by installing a puppet. The group backing him advocated for the civil rights of Magika Stigma to be revoked. He also told them of the assassination attempts on him and that the swordsmen on the opposing team were contracted with Divas from China. Over the past few weeks Hayashi had brainwashed a number of students. Some of the candidates only signed up due to this brainwashing. He also told them how China was pulling the strings behind this whole plot to weaken Japan. The group was shocked by this. Kazuki also confirmed that it was Divine Protection by Hayashi’s Diva that allowed Mibu and company to continually regenerate magic.  The Germans had told him that Hayashi was a well known operative and that those with her blessing could regenerate 70 times.  They couldn’t win unless they could beat Hayashi first or cut off that blessing. Kazuha had a Summoning Magic that could do it, but it would violate the rules to use it. Kazuki planned to take on the dangerous two by himself. If he succeeded in backing them into a corner they might abandon pretense and use Summoning Magic in a last ditch attempt to assassinate the King. If that happened he encouraged Kazuha to use her magic. It was possible that Hayashi had brainwashed her entire team and if so Kazuha should be able to free them.

Liz Liza-sensei acted as referee. As was the plan Kazuki took grave risks to take on Hayashi and Karin alone. His team displayed excellent teamwork holding the magic users back. He was able to utilize numerous types of magic at once, shocking the audience and frightening Hayashi. She forced Karin to act as her meat shield, who suffered terrible pain as a result. Kazuki managed to attack Hayashi directly and forced them to use their Summoning Magic. Despite the danger the Board Chairman still refused to stop the match, having a logical argument prepared. Kazuha generated a weapon she was able to use to cut off the Divine Protection from the magic users. Though Kōhaku was forced to withdraw due to the damage she took while protecting her. But due to an attack by Mibu, who had never been brainwashed, her weapon was lost before Kazuki could use it to free Karin. Hayashi forced her sister to use a dangerous wide-area attack despite the risk to innocent people. Miō managed to rescue the enemy magicians and Kazuki did the same for Kazuha. In that desperate situation he had only one choice. He apologized to Kazuha before kissing her. Doing a full summoning of her Diva allowed him to disperse all the dangerous magic, free Karin from control and force Hayashi to escape while vowing revenge.    

Kazuki had spent the week in isolation with the captured spy Karin. In the end his kindness won her over and she became his ally. He returned to class just in time for the formal vote. Those radical twin brothers had put on an elaborate election campaign in his absence. Kazuki had left his own campaign to his teammates Miō and Kōhaku. The students were called to a meeting where the results would be announced. The sixteen candidates were up on stage with the Headmaster and Board Chairman waiting for the official tally. Kazuki worried about funny business with the vote count. But in the end Kazuki was elected by a wide margin and gave a speech focusing on unity between the two divisions. An election had been held and Kanae became President again with Kōhaku as Vice-President.

A few days later the Board Chairman and his entire family had vanished without a trace. That night news reports stated there had been a massive coordinated strike on all Knight Order posts in western Japan by a mysterious force including mysterious Illegal Magicians. All of western Japan had now been conquered by this unknown army and was now under a complete communications blackout. The former Board Chairman appeared on TV announcing that western Japan was declaring independence and calling itself Yamato. All the politicians with secret ties to China appeared to be involved in this plot and had made an alliance with Loki. They were claiming legitimacy under the banner of the Japanese Mythology rather than the 72 Pillars, which people weren’t necessarily opposed to. By doing so they could maintain the facade that Yamato wasn’t just a puppet state of China. The Japanese Divas appeared to have fallen into a Wild God state after being ignored for so long. Their contractors had apparently all joined this movement too. Kazuha had avoided this fate by building her Diva a shrine and caring for him. A border wall was being constructed.

The Student Council met with two third years Kodzuki Kanon and Yagumo Akane who were already serving in the Knight Order. They were the Student Council members from last year. The students were called into a meeting. To respond to an urgent request for reinforcement at the border, Kazuki would be leading an elite force of students from both schools to reinforce them. Kazuki told them this was entirely voluntary but urged those with the courage to fight to volunteer. They wound up with a force of about 150 people. The school had become the headquarters for the war effort. 10 more third years who escaped enemy territory gathered there. They were suddenly joined by the German Knights Beatrix Baumgard, Damian and Eleonora Abendroth too. They offered to cooperate as allies. Kazuki vouched for their strength. The Germans and the Student Council members were put in charge of squads under Kazuki’s command. They would meet up with the 200 Knights who escaped the west. But Kazuki insisted the seniors must rest first and prepared a meal.

They passed quite a few people on the road who seemed to be refugees. The buses were suddenly fired on and destroyed. The students were slow to react due to shock but finally came to their senses. It was a perfectly executed ambush. Kazuki too was slow to react when he realized that Hayashi had brainwashed those ten third years and ordered them to target their leaders, Kanon and himself. He only survived because Beatrix shielded him and fell deep into Magic Intoxication. Kazuha freed those girls and the enemy fled as the Knight Order arrived. Both sides took prisoners with them.

Kazuki and his close friends raided their classmates’ rooms and confiscated their cell phones. Given what happened that day, Kazuki suspected an information leak. There might even be a spy among the students. He told them they were conducting a surprise raid on the enemy. They were able to slip away because his friend was on guard duty and owed him a favor. Once they had escaped he explained his plan in more detail.  He divided the students into squads based on their specialty. His friends’ unique skills allowed them to conceal their approach. Torazō helped to take out the guards at the border. They surrounded the enemy garrison and were able to destroy the building despite being detected and fired upon. With perfect coordination between the squadrons they attacked them from different angles and they fell into confusion. Kazuki made sure to capture Hayashi alive, though she later committed suicide in her cell. Kaya appeared on the back of a dragon and ordered the troops to retreat. She offered her praise to Kazuki for this bold action. Behind her, Maya was clearly terrified of heights. They returned to camp with captured prisoners and freed allies.

Upon questioning a Japanese Diva who had calmed down they were told all the shrines in western Japan had been destroyed. Those people said they were working for the government, to show their devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the 72 Pillars didn’t demand such things and it was easy to guess the deception. The Yamato guys had fooled them with that simple trick, to drive them into a Wild God state. They used that to turn them against Japan and the 72 Pillars and get them to support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. If they could calm them out of their Wild God state and explain the truth Yamato would fall apart.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Swordsmanship: He is one of the top 5 fighters in his division. He had the strongest raw attack power among the swordsmen in the department.

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