Torazō Yamada
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Torazou Yamada
Japanese 山田 寅蔵
Rōmaji Yamada Torazō
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age Teens
Status Alive
Hair Red
Occupation Student
School National Knight Academy
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Manga debut Chapter 1

Torazō Yamada (山田 寅蔵 Yamada Torazō) is the third strongest student in the Swordsmanship Division. He was also the 3rd seat in the sword division student council.


Torazō is a boy with spiky red hair as well as grey eyes. Kazuki described him as a guy that was cleanly dressed with short hair. Torazō wears a Sword Division’s male uniform. He also wears an Odachi on his waist.


Torazō is a very hardworking student and does everything to help the swordsmanship division. He usually does all of the paperwork of the Swordsmanship Division that his president couldn't easily do which leaves exhausted and has no interest in accepting too much responsibility that he can't handle.



Volume 1Edit

When a conflict broke out again wtih the Magic Division Torazo lacked the confidence to confront magicians (as many swordsmen did) and sought out President Kanae Hayashizaki. She was frustrated as she was in the middle of giving her brother Kazuki Hayashizaki a guided tour. He was confused why she was calling him Nii-san despite being the older sister. Kazuki encouraged him not to try to make sense of it. Kane wound up in a fight with two members of the Magic Division and was able to hold her own. Thanks to the intervention of the Magic Division Preseident Kaguya Otonashi the situation was soon resolved. Torazō apologized again for his inability to resolve such a problem without their help.

He was in attendance when Kazuki dueled with a sword against the A-Rank Magic user Mio Amasaki. He used remarkable foresight to dodge her magic and and skill equal to Kanae to interrupt. her casting. When he won the fight the Swordsmen were thrilled while the magic users were stunned. It was proof of what Kanae had always told him, that even if they had been told that magic users were overwhelmingly superior didn't mean it was true. If they worked hard enough they might be able to prove they could stand side-by-side as equals. He greeted Kazuki just before the Inter-Division matches. He would be facing off against the Magic Division Vice-President Hikaru Hoshikaze. He told an embarrassed Kazuki that he was inspired by his win and would try his best. Indeed, during the fight he was able to dodge several magic attacks early on, but after Hikaru managed to cast her spell to increase her speed and reflexes she completely dominated the fight. She got carried away in fact and she had to be stopped bore she killed him. Despite his loss, Kanae was impressed by what he did. Kazuki also won his fight, against all the odds, by unlocking new magic. Then the illegal magician Kaya attacked, summoning dragons. The students jumped in to cover the spectators so they could evacuated. He helped cover for the magicians who were fighting the dragons. He also helped Kanae when she was attacked by a dragon she thought was already dead. But the end Kaya was totally taken over by Loki, changing the course of history. Kazuki also demonstrated his potential by driving him away and doing a full summon to save Mio Amasaki's life.

Volume 2 Edit

He paid a visit to the Witch's House one morning where Kazuki had been doing sword training wiith Hikaru. He was shocked to find Kōhaku there. Hikaru had learned new skills and wanted a re-match, but he knew there was no way he could ever win.He was critical of Kōhaku for skipping the Student Council meeting to do this. But she claimed to have lost interest in being an apprentice there. He was also not liking her disrespectful tone towards him, she suddenly said farewell and took off. He was tired of the frequent headaches his fellow council members caused him, led by Kanae and Iori. He was tired of them all pawning off all their paperwork on him and stirring up trouble with the Magic Division. He admired the calm and professional way they did things at the Witch's House. There were hard feelings among many student but the all hoped the rivalry could be put to rest soon.

The Knight Order had ordered the arrest of Kazuki and his new classmate Charlotte Lieben Frau declaring them both dangerous Illegal Magicians. Torazō had no idea there was a conspiracy behind the scenes by those currently in power to prevent Kazuki from officially becoming the King of the 72 Pillar, as it it had been proven he would not blindly follow their orders. The order was handed to Kaguya, and he was the only one she informed and recruited to help her. She insisted she did not want anyone else close to Kazuki to have to make a painful choice. He did not even tell Kanae what was going on. They attacked the party just after they finished a massive battle and were thus low on power. Kazuki was shocked and tried to tell them this it was a mistake but they refused to listen to anything he was saying and treated him like a criminal. They told him that Lotte would be deported back to Germany (where she was facing a a death sentence for the crime of being a Illegal Magician). Kazuki's Stigmata would be forcibly transferred to someone "more worthy" (in other words someone those currently in power could control). Torazō himself did not have much impact on the battle and kept getting blown away by their magic, but was able to keep fighting.

But Kaguya was someone they would be hard pressed to defeat even at full strength. Her power forced her opponents to feel pain and only Lotte, with her strong telepathy had any defense against it. Kaguya used a scythe which started to deprive them of their senses and would eventually render them unable to fight. Mio was deprived her her sight and sense of touch and finally Kazuki was the only one still able to fight back. Suddenly Koyuki Hiakari appeared and used Moves on the Filed to create an opportunity for "the criminals" to escape. Kazuki had to carry Mio with them. But while they were not able to move on the ice, they were pursue them by riding on tentacles produced by Kaguya's magic. Kaguya felt surrendering and accepting the punishment was the best thing Kazuki could do to prevent even worse from happening to him. No one apparently had given any thought to how the 72 Pillars would react to Japan's treatment of their own king. Koyuki had overheard of these all these plans and Kaguya was surprised that she had chosen to support "the criminals". But Koyuki knew that she was just as torn about what she was doing, noting how she had been crying when she accepted this quest. Koyuki used her most powerful magic to fight back but Kaguya was too strong. Just as all hope for them seemed lost Kōhaku appeared too, shocking Torazō, and she was armed with several Sacred Treasures. Kaguya and Koyuki did not even know who she was but she was able to provide cover for them, allowing the to finally successfully make their escape. Kaguya collapsed in tears over what she had been forced to do.

Volume 3 Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • High Speed Movement:
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship: