Tsukahara Kazuha
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Tsukahara Kazuha
Japanese 塚原 一羽
Kana つはら かずは
Other names Mikohime
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Age 16
Status Alive
Relatives Tsukahara Hisatada (father)
Eye Blue
Hair Brown
Occupation Miko

Illegal Magician (in Japan)
Magical Swordsman

Affiliation Swordsmanship Division

Hayashizaki Kazuki (Harem member)
Team Hayashizaki Kazuki (Election Tournament)

School National Knight Academy
Diva Futsunushi no Kami

Take Mikadzuchi

Partner(s) Hayashizaki Kazuki

Amasaki Miō
Hikita Kōhaku

Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 3
Manga debut Chapter 30

Tsukahara Kazuha (()(はら) (かず)()) is one of the main heroines of Magika no Kenshi to Shōkan Vasreus. She is a 2nd-year student of the Swordsmanship Division, but despite that she is the contractor of Futsunushi no Kami. Her Diva in a God of Swords in Japanese Mythology and she is therefore an Illegal Magician in the eyes of the law. Despite her love of swords she is only talented at magic until Kazuki begins training her. Her improved skills impress her classmates. She also becomes the contractor of Take Mikadzuchi, another deity of swords and the twin Divas fuse together in Volume 6.


Kazuha is a beautiful young girl with short brown hair that covers the sides of her face, as well as blue eyes. She is a girl with a short-cut hair in a shaggy-style that makes her look energetic, with an imposing countenance that really suits a swordsman. Her Decorteo Brigieux (Magic Dress) resembles a white and red miko uniform, her hair also grows in length when she uses the powers of her Diva.


Kazuha has a very bright and cheerful personality, she can become friends with almost anyone she meets but tends to go overboard with her desire for friendship and this causes people to be weary of her. She hates being called Mikohime and she also hates when she is being compared to her father. She was initially a tsundere to Kazuki, however, after the infiltration in Volume 6 she grows out of this childish mindset, confesses to Kazuki, and becomes a dere character. Kazuha has a habit of becoming desperate with the things she wants most and tends to go overboard, resulting in her repeated failures.

After doing lewd things with Kazuki in Volume 9, Kazuha developed a perverted side.



Kazuha is the daughter of the former Knight and current Swordsmanship Division teacher at the National Knight Academy Tsukahara Hisatada. She always admired swordsmen from a young age and wanted to learn but her father always refused to teach her anything, and she resents him for it. Frustrated by this she began teaching herself, but along the way picked up many flaws and bad habits in her technique. It was her devotion to swords that drew the attention of the Japanese God of Swords Futsunushi no Kami and she made a contract with him. In the eyes of the law this was an Illegal Contract but he was harmless and never did anything harmful to her.

She defied her father and entered the Academy as a swordsmanship student. But she struggled to make friends in her first year and was considered to be the very worst swordsman in the school. She hid the fact that she had a Stigma when she enrolled and built a small shrine to her Diva in an abandoned clubroom at school. Due to her lack of friends she would spend much of her time chatting with him. It was at the start of her second year that she met her best friend Hikita Kōhaku, who had a deep resentment for the Magic Division and society in general for looking down on swordsmen as disposable pawns. Kazuha’s Diva naturally agreed with that and didn’t trust the 72 Pillars because they permitted that behavior. He also detected some sort of nasty dark power being used in an underground facility beneath the school. Because no one in the Magic Department did anything about it, he assumed the 72 Pillars must be behind this too and became worried something horrible was coming. They armed all the swordsmanship students they could trust with Sacred Treasures.


Volume 3Edit

Hikita Kōhaku had aided in the escape of her friend Hayashizaki Kazuki and his friends when they became wanted fugitives and helped them out. The Knight Order and the Magic Division were willing to deport an innocent girl Charlotte Lieben Frau back to Germany where she was facing a death sentence. She and her friends knew the scandal would do great harm to their reputation. As they prepared to make their move on the other school they first faced off against Hayashizaki Kanae and the existing Student Council. Using Sacred Treasures they won, but only just barely, and took over the council. This made her lose confidence they could win against somebody like Otonashi Kaguya. Kōhaku later brought Kazuki, Charlotte and their friends Amasaki Miō and Hiakari Koyuki to meet her and revealed her status as an Illegal Magician. Kazuha was upset with her friend for this and for bringing Kazuki, who she regarded as a womanizer. There was no sign that her free will had been encroached at all so Kazuki wasn’t bothered by it. She calls out her Diva Futsunushi no Kami, who takes the form of an ancient sword. She hid this contract when she entered the Swordsmanship Division. She was the Magika Stigma of the Swordsmanship Division, a counterpart to Kazuki, who was the swordsman of the Magic Division.

Kazuha insisted there was no danger, she and this Diva were connected since she was born. He also insists that he is like the 72 Pillars and doesn’t want a flesh body or to force humans to follow any kind of faith. Lemegeton materialized, having recognized him as a Diva of the Japanese Mythology. She introduced herself and mentions Kazuki being the King of the 72 Pillars. She also mentioned the powerful people who didn’t trust them and made false allegations to ruin their reputations. As he suggested, Leme could simply ask one of the Pillars to confirm Leme’s position as King and resolve this easily. But part of the reason they had granted powers to Japan without imposing a faith doctrine was to see how they would treat that power without outside influence. If they chose to betray their own King for selfish reasons then Japan would be ruled unworthy and the 72 Pillars would abandon them and move elsewhere. Clearly the 72 Pillars were running out of patience in this situation. They all learned just how serious this situation was. While discussing the position of the Japanese faith Lotte's Diva Prometheus appeared and educated them all on similar belief systems. However, other than in Japan, those ancient belief systems had been crushed by the strict faith doctrines demanded by the other countries. While most of his fellows didn’t care much about the 72 Pillars, as a Sword God, Futsunushi no Kami was angry that modern Japan was disrespecting swordsmen. As it turns out, the 72 Pillars totally agreed with him on that point. It was the Japanese government who decided to give the Magika Stigma special treatment, going back to that free will thing again.

Futsunushi no Kami also complained about the dark rituals being performed underground at the Academy, but Leme and the others had no idea what he was talking about. This sinister force was why they had armed themselves for what he was sure would be an attack by the Magic Division. But according to Leme and Prometheus, they hadn’t sensed this dark magic at all, nor had they heard of an underground facility. If the 72 Pillars weren’t behind it, then it was likely an Illegal Magician. Kazuki would earn the trust of her Diva if he could investigate the facility and prove it wasn’t related to the 72 Pillars. They would have looked into it themselves, but the door would only admit someone with a Stigma. Kazuha had volunteered to check it out but it was too dangerous to let her go alone. Since it might be connected to the conspiracy against him. Kazuki and his friends agreed to go.

Kazuha insists Kazuki must face her in a duel first to prove his power. Though she is quite impressive at a distance, he has skill at both swordsmanship and magic. So once he is able to close the distance it’s all over. Kazuha is clearly jealous of his talents but her Diva is simply impressed. The entrance is near the Witch's House, but they don’t expect to meet anyone because classes are in session. But by coincidence Vice-President Hoshikaze Hikaru overslept and runs right into them. She knows it’s her duty to arrest them but she is clearly conflicted about it. Kazuki assures her of his innocence and asks her to give them the chance to prove it and she agrees to pretend she didn’t see them. Once they reach the concealed entrance, Kazuha shatters the barrier around it. Before entering, Kazuki asks them to inform the Knight Order abbot this place if they don’t return, though there is really no way to know who to trust.

A group of powerful and mysterious Illegal Magicians attacked the Sword Division and it seemed like they couldn’t rely on outside help. Kazuki’s party arrives on the battlefield to assist Kōhaku and Kanae. At Kazuki’s order they quickly organize themselves for battle. Vice-President Hikaru jumped in to help. Kazuha also assists them. Given the crisis, she no longer cared if she was exposed as an Illegal Magician. He told them these things had their minds crushed already and there was no point in showing mercy. By making use of excellent teamwork they are soon able to defeat the 10 Quad-Core Magicians.

Just as Kazuki’s group was done with the battle the German Knights arrived to attack them. Beatrix Baumgard introduced her friends Damian and Eleonora Abendroth. Kaguya would be supporting them from the rear but was clearly conflicted. Nyarlathotep (disguised as the Headmaster Otonashi Tsukikurō) casts Sanity Down to suppress her emotions, though nobody but Kazuki seemed to notice this. Kazuki asks his friends to take on the German Knights and offers them strategic advice. He also lends his Sacred Treasure to Kanae, who will be facing Beatrix. He charges after Kaguya in order to free her from control and finds a way to elude Beatrix who tries to intercept him.

Eleonora discovered her opponent Koyuki also uses water-based attacks. Though she has the advantage in terms of power and experience, Kazuha provides backup and is able to protect her teammate. Eleonora’s defense is gradually worn down. Lotte is flying above them using Deep Striker. She suddenly charges in from above and shatters her defenses, rendering Eleonora unable to fight any longer. Once the others saw Kazuki hugging Kaguya after freeing her from mind control, the Germans realized they couldn’t rely on her support anymore. Besides that they were growing suspicious of the Headmaster’s motives. They had gained new respect for their opponents and in this situation elected to retreat.

Several of them thought the battle was over at that point. But Kazuki confronted Nyarlathotep in his disguise as the Headmaster. He called out all the obvious flaws with his Quad-Core Magicians, which were easily defeated by them. He was no longer hiding the fact he was an Illegal Magician. Kaguya was stunned to learn the truth. So was Board Chairman Amasaki who popped up nearby. He realized the Headmaster must have been the one who created those strange magicians and no doubt sacrificed innocent lives to do it. Nyarlathotep then stabbed him though the chest, having decided to kill all the witnesses. Miō ran over to help her step-father and she is gradually able to heal him. Nyarlathotep reveals his true form, but seems weak in terms of magic power. He uses Psycho Noise to disrupt the chanting of the mages, including Miō’s healing magic. But Kaguya finds the resolve to fight of her own volition for the first time.

Asmodeus congratulates her by giving her a special powerful spell she uses to destroy the enemy in a single hit. Though she had resolved herself to kill her father in the process he somehow survived. As they celebrate, Koyuki sees several girls getting close to Kazuki. Her dark feelings of self-doubt return and Nyarlathotep exploits those emotions and begins consuming her body for his own. Her friends are shocked and unsure of what to do. But Kazuha keeps a cool head and produces a special Sacred Treasure which she gives to Kazuki. With it he is able to drive the evil Diva out of Koyuki’s body. Nyarlathotep has stolen her magic but is barely holding himself together. He is determined to at least kill Kazuki before he vanishes. Kaguya takes the initial attack and reflects the pain before collapsing in Magic Intoxication. Kazuki reassures Koyuki before kissing her. Nyarlathotep attempts to use the same Level 10 magic at the same time but as Vepar says. That fake stolen power was no match for the real thing. Kazuki then destroys all traces of the monster with his sword.

The morning after his return home, Kazuki met Hikaru for their morning training session. They are interrupted by Kaguya, who is still half-asleep and under her Diva’s influence. She hugs him to her chest and won’t let go. As they squabble over him Kazuha interrupts them, giving him a nasty look indeed. She thanked him for his help in resolving the crisis. Her Diva does so as well and as an apology for doubting him he allows Kazuha to become a conquest target, though her number is only at the “friendship” level. Before she leaves he offers to include her in their training session, though she says no. Even after one fight Kazuki knows exactly why her style is so flawed. Kazuha is always practicing by herself so she won’t be teased. But he insists that if she didn’t start practicing with other people, she would never be able to correct the flaws in her technique. She thanks him for his helpful advice before departing. They provided evidence the Headmaster had based the weapons on years of secret immoral government research related to magic. Board Chairman Amasaki became the new Headmaster and fully supported Kazuki now. The scandal was used to leverage the government to force corrupt officials out and to advance key reforms. These changes included fair treatment of Illegal Magicians who weren’t hostile and the legalization of Sacred Treasures. It was also declared the two schools would be led under one banner now and be treated as equal.

Volume 4 Edit

In class, the format for the Chief Student Council President election was laid out. Each candidate would form a four-person team with two people from each division. They would compete in a tournament meant to display both their fighting skills and their leadership qualities. After that an election would be held with all students having an equal vote. During lunch the residents were called back to the house along with their friends from the Sword Division, all the people seen as likely candidates. Though most of them had been nominated only three of them were actually running. Kōhaku was already planning to resign as President and was unable to conceive Kanae to take the job again. Kazuki’s team had Miō, Kōhaku and Kazuha, who wanted to work with her best friend. Kaguya’s team had Koyuki, Kanae and Torazō. The third team was Hikaru’s, her teammates were Lotte and Iori. They were a swordsman short and she later added Kimura Tomomi to her team.

They gathered for the meeting to officially join the tournament. The next group to appear was a pair of twin girls Ryūtaki Miyabi and Ryūtaki Shinobu. They were quite powerful but anti-social and only worked with each other. The twins were identical except Miyabi was an Elf. She thanked Kazuki for disposing of the former Headmaster, who apparently had been trying to capture her as a test subject. She made her romantic interest in Kazuki obvious. They had been recruited by twin boys from the Sword Division Takasugi Shūsui and Takasugi Harunari. They were radicals who advocated that Magika Stigma should be deprived of civil rights and locked away and brainwashed to prevent them from endangering the public. Another team was led by the delinquent Mibu Akira paired with her best friend Asamiya Anna. These girls were forced to attend the Academy against their will because they received an Enigma. In protest they refused to participate in things like Quests or duels so it was impossible to gauge their strength.

As Kazuki feared, as Liz Liza Westwood laid out the rules certain things were banned. Magicians were prohibited from carrying weapons, swordsmen could only use standard magic and Sacred Treasures were banned. In other words everyone on Kazuki’s team but Miō would be fighting with a handicap. A lottery was held for setting the bracket. He was approached by Hikaru and Kazuha but he and Kaguya were called into a meeting. As Kazuki and Hikaru begin their morning training Kazuha comes to visit. Since she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself during the tournament she asks Kazuki to teach her proper swordsmanship. Though she still claims to dislike him, she realizes he is the best qualified for the task. Her best friend had proved to be inept as a teacher.

The teams began to train but with 16 of them, and with them wanting to maintain secrecy, it was hard to find space. Kazuki’s team did their training on the grounds of the Witch’s Mansion. Kazuki wanted to come up with a formation that was original and would impress the voters. They also had to conserve their energy. Given the tight schedule they always ran the risk of falling into Magic Intoxication before the finals, Instead of sacrificing the front line to buy time for high-level magic, they would cast support magic on the swordsmen who would do the attacking. This would require practice. Kazuki and Kōhaku would especially need it. He also began discussing strategy against Kaguya’s team, who they would face in the second round. Kazuki didn’t let his team overdo it with magic training, other times were spent doing sword training with Hikaru and Kazuha. Kazuha was showing great improvement. He began thinking the problem was more with her confidence in herself. Hikaru needed more practice at how to move her body properly. Hikaru noted that she could still conjure weapons with her Summoning Magic. He realized both these girls had magic that could be useful to him if he could unblock it. They practiced until the girls were exhausted.

Kazuki’s team fought in the first match against the team led by Miyamoto Reina. His tactics concentrated on covering for each other and relying on teamwork. This went exactly as planned as Miō and Kōhaku disrupted Nagasaka Yuka’s high-level magic. With encouragement, Kazuha finds her confidence and defeats her opponent without help, stunning the audience. In the second match Kaguya’s team dominates the other side, employing the exact strategy Kazuki predicted. In the third match the twin brothers covered the twin sisters until Lunatic Labyrinth drew them all into a mental world where the other side lost quickly. Kazuki had prepared enough lunch for their whole group to eat together. Kōhaku hadn’t predicted that and had also prepared a feast so there was plenty of food. Even Miyabi snuck into their group and snuck some food. Before being dragged off by her sister she encouraged Kazuki to beat Kaguya and face them in the semi-finals. In the fifth match Hikaru’s team used excellent teamwork and skill to defeat the opponents easily. In the sixth match, Mibu’s team stunned everyone when their swordsmen Katsura Karin and Hayashi Shizuka didn’t even participate. The spell casters were trained enough in Chinese Kenpo to counter the enemy swordsmen and were able to dodge incoming magic. It became a decisive victory for them.

The second round began with Kazuki’s match against Kaguya. In a direct confrontation they could never win, but he had seen through the weaknesses of their opponents. Again using teamwork and the tactics Kazuki devised they are able whittle down the other side and they finally gang up on Kaguya and win. Kaguya was shocked and disappointed that she had been seen through so easily. The twin sisters won the second match exactly as they had before. Hikaru faced Mibu’s team next. The swordsmen on that team had hidden their true power before. While Hikaru and Lotte weren’t disadvantaged in magic, their opponents kept mysteriously getting back up every time they were beaten. It was clear they were cheating somehow but the Board Chairman refused to declare the match forfeit without proof. Kazuki’s group suspected they were getting Divine Protection from the Divas secretly used by the swordsmen. Hikaru received a savage beating from Hayashi who was able to pierce Defensive Magic and injure her gravely while laughing about it.  Kazuki called for the match to end, while everyone else was slow to react. Realizing Hayashi intended to murder Hikaru, Mibu just barely managed to end the fight with her magic first.

The day of the semi-finals arrived. Confronting the twin brothers with dangerous ideals in the first match, Miyabi acknowledged Kazuki’s power, but said this would be a test of his heart instead. They were unable to prevent the casting of Lunatic Labyrinth and they were all drawn into a mental world. Kazuki’s group started off separated so they could be picked off. But Kazuki had the ability to track his conquest targets and soon rescued and reunited with them. Miyabi chanted high-level magic and suddenly Kazuki’s companions turned on him. Kazuki dodged incoming magic and deflected the attacks of the brothers. He realized the magic used might amplify negative feelings. Kazuki expresses his true feeling to each of his companions in turn, snapping them out of it. Kazuki’s group then ran as the sisters flew above them on Marchosias dropping powerful magic down on them. Miyabi cast a spell that suddenly conjured a mirror in front of him that made him pass out.

Lunatic Labyrinth ended, the brothers were out already and the sisters were dropping Burning Icicle on the party from the sky. Miō was trying to defend them but her magic wasn’t very effective. Kazuki woke up and cast Storm Fort to remove the threat. Miyabi was impressed by how quickly he had woken up. She told him the sword that appeared in his hand was his reward for conquering his trauma. The sisters cast their Union Magic but Kazuki cleaved the incoming attack in two with this sword. The audience cheered and Miyabi was stunned and impressed. She landed and immediately surrendered over her sister’s objections; they had no way to win any longer.

Her sister and the twin brothers question why she surrendered like that but she didn’t give any clear answers. But Kazuki had seen through her true motives. She admitted she was testing him and his worthiness as a leader. Miyabi suddenly kissed Kazuki on the cheek, shocking everybody, most of all her sister. Miyabi clearly confessed her love over her sister’s objections. It was revealed that her sister refused to recognize her as an Elf. Her mind wouldn’t accept reality and she wouldn’t spend time with anyone but Miyabi. But this fact also saved Miyabi from the loneliness other Elves experienced. She suggested that Kazuki should conquer them both. Leme accused Gremory of leaking information on his power. This had been another test of his worthiness he had passed, and Leme was also impressed with his performance. But the real battle was against the team he would face in the finals. As expected the most dangerous team won the second match and progressed to the finals.

Volume 5 Edit

Before the finals a series of exhibition matches were held. This allowed the eliminated teams to display their talents again. It wound up being Kaguya and Hikaru in a battle for third place. The only other people who had been impressive were the twin sisters. Miyabi and her sister sat with Kazuki’s group. Kazuki was asked who he was rooting for. He wisely sidestepped the issue by cheering for his sister. Koyuki impressed everyone by defending Hikaru’s long-range magic. In the end it became a close-range brawl for everyone. While Hikaru and Lotte had an advantage in that scenario, Kanae was particularly critical in stopping Lotte and in the end only the leaders were left. Those two had fought many times and as always it ended with Hikaru’s loss. Hikaru and Lotte demanded special attention from Kazuki at lunch. Kaguya’s team joined them and Kazuki noted he was especially impressed by Kanae. They all had fun playing around together. Kazuki wasn’t allowed to make the lunch today and the girls were feeding him the dishes they prepared. When he gave Koyuki special attention and affection the other girls demanded it too.

Before the final match Kazuki spoke to them all about the plot behind the scenes. How the new Board Chairman had arranged this tournament. He also seemed to be in cahoots with that delinquent team to seize control of the Academy by installing a puppet. The group backing him advocated for the civil rights of Magika Stigma to be revoked. He also told them of the assassination attempts on him and that the swordsmen on the opposing team were contracted with Divas from China. Over the past few weeks Hayashi had brainwashed a number of students. Some of the candidates only signed up due to this brainwashing. He also told them how China was pulling the strings behind this whole plot to weaken Japan. The group was shocked by this. Kazuki also confirmed that it was Divine Protection by Hayashi’s Diva that allowed Mibu and company to continually regenerate magic.  The Germans had told him that Hayashi was a well known operative and that those with her blessing could regenerate 70 times.  They couldn’t win unless they could beat Hayashi first or cut off that blessing. Kazuha had a Summoning Magic that could do it, but it would violate the rules to use it. Kazuki planned to take on the dangerous two by himself. If he succeeded in backing them into a corner they might abandon pretense and use Summoning Magic in a last ditch attempt to assassinate the King. If that happened he encouraged Kazuha to use her magic. It was possible that Hayashi had brainwashed her entire team and if so Kazuha should be able to free them.

Liz Liza-sensei acted as referee. As was the plan Kazuki took grave risks to take on Hayashi and Karin alone. His team displayed excellent teamwork holding the magic users back. He was able to utilize numerous types of magic at once, shocking the audience and frightening Hayashi. She forced Karin to act as her meat shield, who suffered terrible pain as a result. Kazuki managed to attack Hayashi directly and forced them to use their Summoning Magic. Despite the danger the Board Chairman still refused to stop the match, having a logical argument prepared. Kazuha generated a weapon she was able to use to cut off the Divine Protection from the magic users. Though Kōhaku was forced to withdraw due to the damage she took while protecting her. But due to an attack by Mibu, who had never been brainwashed, her weapon was lost before Kazuki could use it to free Karin. Hayashi forced her sister to use a dangerous wide-area attack despite the risk to innocent people. Miō managed to rescue the enemy magicians and Kazuki did the same for Kazuha. In that desperate situation he had only one choice. He apologized to Kazuha before kissing her. Doing a full summoning of her Diva allowed him to disperse all the dangerous magic, free Karin from control and force Hayashi to escape while vowing revenge.    

Karin was taken to the infirmary where Kazuki’s group gathered. The Headmaster said a seal would be placed on her Stigma to limit her magic. He planned to send her to prison for life without trial. But both Kazuki and Karin’s teammates objected. They believed she was forced to take those actions due to the influence of her cruel sister, who she desperately wanted the approval of. The Headmaster regarded those two delinquents as criminals too. But they just wanted to get stronger and help the pitiful Karin. They had no idea China was behind it all. They were only called delinquents because they resented having to abandon their goals in life to enroll in this Academy. Those girls believed strongly that if a kindly person reached out to Karin she could be redeemed. Several others, including the Headmaster's step-daughter Miō, also agreed they should give her a chance before condemning her. In the end Kazuki insisted he would take responsibility and monitor Karin. As her target this was the only way to verify she had reformed. He was confident she was no threat to him and he could put himself in a state of heightened awareness so he couldn’t fall victim in his sleep. Relenting to the King, the Headmaster told him to stay by her side full time and would give them a week before sending her to prison.

Kazuki had spent the week in isolation with the captured spy Karin. In the end his kindness won her over and she became his ally. He returned to class just in time for the formal vote. Those radical twin brothers had put on an elaborate election campaign in his absence. Kazuki had left his own campaign to his teammates Miō and Kōhaku. The students were called to a meeting where the results would be announced. The sixteen candidates were up on stage with the Headmaster and Board Chairman waiting for the official tally. Kazuki worried about funny business with the vote count. But in the end Kazuki was elected by a wide margin and gave a speech focusing on unity between the two divisions. Karin had now become a hardcore NEET. Kazuki insisted she must start attending school again, this time in the Magic Division where he could monitor her. Karin was given her own room. Needing to have a proper talk with Kazuha, he walked ever to the abandoned clubroom. She opened the door but was beet red and uncomfortable and tried to flee from him. She understood how his power worked now. She was a little miffed but understood he had no choice in that situation. Not wanting their relationship to end over this he vows to atone for stealing her first kiss. The price she asks for is another kiss in a more romantic setting. She gives him one month to manage that and then runs off.

Yumeno Shiori won the post of chairman of the new school newspaper. Kazuki met up with Kazuha outside the clubroom. But she tried to run off without listening to him. He was able to catch her and insisted he really wanted to repair their relationship. Though she didn’t think of herself anything special he told her of all about the wonderful qualities he admired in her and how much he valued their relationship. Though she complained loudly the whole time, her Positivity Level kept rising and he obtained the Key to her Heart. With her best friend so busy he made it a point to make her a boxed lunch every day and spent all the free time he could with her. A few days later the Board Chairman and his entire family had vanished without a trace. That night news reports stated there had been a massive coordinated strike on all Knight Order posts in western Japan by a mysterious force including mysterious Illegal Magicians. All of western Japan had now been conquered by this unknown army and was now under a complete communications blackout.

The former Board Chairman appeared on TV announcing that western Japan was declaring independence and calling itself Yamato. All the politicians with secret ties to China appeared to be involved in this plot and had made an alliance with Loki. They were claiming legitimacy under the banner of the Japanese Mythology rather than the 72 Pillars, which people weren’t necessarily opposed to. By doing so they could maintain the facade that Yamato wasn’t just a puppet state of China. The Japanese Divas appeared to have fallen into a Wild God state after being ignored for so long. Their contractors had apparently all joined this movement too. Kazuha had avoided this fate by building her Diva a shrine and caring for him. A border wall was being constructed. The Headmaster and Kazuki were annoyed that both Futsunushi no Kami and Leme had known something was going on with the Japanese Divas but hadn’t told anybody. 

They met with two third years Kodzuki Kanon and Yagumo Akane who were already serving in the Knight Order. They were the Student Council members from last year. They knew all the rumors about Kazuki and were very interested. They greeted Kaguya, Hikaru and Koyuki. They were then introduced to Miō, Kanae, Kōhaku and Kazuha. They informed them of the situation and expected Yamato to invade further but it was hard to fully oppose them because Loki’s followers were causing trouble in the east and dividing their resources. When their leader was captured, Kanon was effectively pressed into the role, despite being a student.

The students were called into a meeting. To respond to an urgent request for reinforcement at the border, Kazuki would be leading an elite force of students from both schools to reinforce them. Kazuki told them this was entirely voluntary but urged those with the courage to fight to volunteer. They wound up with a force of about 150 people. The school had become the headquarters for the war effort. 10 more third years who escaped enemy territory gathered there. They were suddenly joined by the German Knights Beatrix, Damian and Eleonora too. They offered to cooperate as allies. Kazuki vouched for their strength. The Germans and the Student Council members were put in charge of squads under Kazuki’s command. They would meet up with the 200 Knights who escaped the west. But Kazuki insisted the seniors must rest first and prepared a meal.

They passed quite a few people on the road who seemed to be refugees. The buses were suddenly fired on and destroyed. The students were slow to react due to shock but finally came to their senses. It was a perfectly executed ambush. Kazuki too was slow to react when he realized that Hayashi had brainwashed those ten third years and ordered them to target their leaders, Kanon and himself. He only survived because Beatrix shielded him and fell deep into Magic Intoxication. Kazuha freed those girls and the enemy fled as the Knight Order arrived. Both sides took prisoners with them. Kazuki presented Kazuha with a bouquet of pretty flowers. He was out of breath from running around to pick them. She called this foolish but was clearly torched. He told her of the surprise attack he was planning on the enemy and asked her to agree to go on a date with him if they succeeded, to increase his motivation and she agreed.

Kazuki and his close friends raided their classmates’ rooms and confiscated their cell phones. Given what happened that day, Kazuki suspected an information leak. There might even be a spy among the students. He told them they were conducting a surprise raid on the enemy. They were able to slip away because his friend was on guard duty and owed him a favor. Once they had escaped he explained his plan in more detail.  He divided the students into squads based on their specialty. His friends’ unique skills allowed them to conceal their approach and take out the guards. They surrounded the enemy garrison and were able to destroy the building despite being detected and fired upon. With perfect coordination between the squadrons they attacked them from different angles and they fell into confusion. Kazuki made sure to capture Hayashi alive, though she later committed suicide in her cell. Kaya appeared on the back of a dragon and ordered the troops to retreat. She offered her praise to Kazuki for this bold action. Behind her, Maya was clearly terrified of heights. They returned to camp with captured prisoners and freed allies.

Prisoners were interrogated. Kazuki and Kazuha were watching Futsunushi no Kami question one of the Divas. Her Wild God ate ended due to using up her power, Ame no Uzume had calmed down and responded to questions. Apparently all the shrines in western Japan were destroyed.  The ones who did it claimed they were working for the government and showing devotion to the 72 Pillars. But the Headmaster and Lame insisted that didn’t make sense, the 72 Pillars didn’t demand devotion like that. Most likely they had been deceived so they would turn on Japan and the 72 Pillars and support a new state based on Japanese Mythology. But in their Wild God state they wouldn’t listen to reason. He was told the fastest way to calm them all was to calm the rage of Chief God found in Ise Grand Shrine. It was later decided that while the Knight Order provided a distraction with a full-scale attack Kazuki and Kazuha would conduct a secret mission. They would infiltrate the Ise Grand Shrine by sea to find the Chief God. Kazuki called Kazuha to tell her the situation and she flipped out.  

Volume 6 Edit

Their group was headed to the beach in cars driven by Akane, Kanon and Lotte. From there Kazuki and Kazuha would slip away on a boat to infiltrate Ise Grand Shrine by sea. Some girls were unhappy that only the two of them were going, but since this was an infiltration mission, having a small group was essential. The plan was to calm the rage of the Chief God there, which was the fastest way to calm all the Japanese Divas down. After all, the Diva they had already calmed out of her Wild God state had been easy to convince of the truth.  If they succeeded Yamato’s base of support and facade of legitimacy would crumble. In order to hide their purpose from the spy, it was said the group was allowed to take a brief vacation. They were given two beacons they were expected to light up after the mission to indicate success or failure.

The Knight Order had arranged to rent a beachfront property, complete with changing rooms. Kazuki, as the only guy present, was the fastest to change. As the girls gradually arrived he planned to offer them honest praise on their swimsuits. Kazuki was surprised Kazuha wore a revealing bikini. His words of praise definitely caused her tsundere traits to manifest again. Kazuki and Lotte went out on the boat, which was small due to the need to avoid detection. It was equipped with GPS and a silent motor but was designed to appear nondescript to avoid drawing attention. The Ryūtaki sisters wandered off alone. After he got back Kazuha took her turn learning to operate the boat. Kazuki and Kazuha changed into casual clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in Yamato and they boarded the rather cramped boat. They weren’t carrying swords, to seem less suspicious. Their friends waved goodbye as they set sail.

They were concerned about being spotted from the shore. The boat ride wasn’t all that long, but the shore where they planned to land had quite a few people on it. While they looked for a deserted area, they suddenly realized they had entered a Haunted Ground. Kazuki found a variety of ways to handle the monsters, but Kazuha made poor choices trying to protect herself. Kazuki managed to keep her safe and cleared the Haunted Ground but their boat was damaged and sinking. Kazuha redeemed herself by using magic to help them breathe underwater and reach the shore covertly. They had some uncomfortable moments as they dried and fixed their clothes. They saw what appeared to be a Demonic Beast-like bird but it spoke. It called itself Yatagarasu, known as the messenger of the Chief God Amaterasu. He claimed he was to guide them, and then flew off. They were confused but her Diva refused to comment on the matter. They stopped for lunch where Kazuki suggested they act like a couple to seem less suspicious. They overheard the patrons saying the Yamato government did nothing to stop the spread of Haunted Grounds and a particularly large one was surrounding Ise Grand Shrine. They saw the strange guide again as they left.

They entered the Haunted Ground. They noticed strange armored warriors patrolling the streets. Seeing they weren’t that observant, Kazuha suggested they jump across the rooftops while she muffled the sound with magic. They reach the roof of a tall building where they could see everything. But there they were spotted by a strange monkey-like creature. It followed them up and called to its master. A mysterious voice cast a spell to seal them in the Haunted Ground then ordered their extermination. As they attempted to flee the voice cast another spell that marked their position and proved impossible to remove. By this point even Kazuha was accusing Futsunushi no Kami of leading them into a trap. But he insists that both he and Yatagarasu are not their enemies. He explains that this was a request to save the Japanese Mythology. They were told there were two Chief Gods fighting for control. They were asked to defeat Susanoo and free Amaterasu from captivity. They couldn’t flee forever and were forced to fight the enemies who seemed to have an irrational hared of Stigma users. They managed to arm themselves and with Kazuha’s improved skills proved a powerful combo. Kazuha truly began to accept her feelings for Kazuki as they fought together.

The enemy never seemed to run out of magic power. As things were getting bad Yatagarasu appeared and cast a powerful spell that freed all those people from a curse. Defeating them began to clear the Haunted Ground. This spell could only work after the magic power had been worn down. Yamato had evidently used the methods of the former Headmaster to artificially create Magika Stigma. But the Wild Gods could only possess people, not make contracts. Those that lost their minds were left behind here. Susanoo and Amaterasu were the Yin and Yang of Japanese Mythology and totally opposite. Susanoo was power-hungry and had joined hands with Yamato and Loki. Normally each of them would nominate a King candidate and they would fight to officially decide the King. Amaterasu refused to grant her contractor this title because she was too weak to survive such a battle. But in the end Susanoo lost patience, ordered the murder of the contractor, to force her to choose another and was now trying to destroy Amaterasu by corrupting her temple. The plan was to make Amaterasu’s King candidate Kazuki’s subordinate. Thus Kazuki would be King of both Mythologies. Leme was thrilled by this idea. Kazuki wasn’t but it made sense. If he beat Susanoo’s contractor the Japanese Divas would be returned to normal. They would free the rest of the cursed people along the way.

There was a short bridge between them and the shrine and as Kazuki predicted that was where they were ambushed. After a long and hard-fought battle, the cursed people were freed and were now all collapsed in Magic Intoxication like the others. These people all hated and envied Stigma, but Kazuki and Kazuha both knew people trying hard to become equal without resorting to such things. The push for equality for swordsmen in Japan was meant to stop people from being this desperate. A girl spoke up who totally agreed. She was the owner of that mysterious voice Ikōsai Aisu. Beside her were the final two cursed people. They were shocked when those two were revealed to be the Takasugi brothers, who were outclassed. Kazuha soon insisted on taking on both brothers alone while Kazuki took on Aisu. The brothers were irrationally angry they had lost the election and refused to understand their own shortcomings and character flaws that offended others. They used the Summoning Magic and her Diva recognized it. While protecting herself she also had to guard those collapsed people on the bridge who were vulnerable. She used a Summoning Magic she just learned.

Kazuha was critical of Kazuki for struggling and easily saw through Aisu's technique and began to copy it. Once he was able to see how it was done from a distance, Kazuki was able to see through it too. Both he and Aisu were stunned when Kazuha managed to hit Aisu with her own skill, while Kazuki had yet to touch her. Kazuha also criticized him for not using Summoning Magic at all. They both had been fighting with pure swordsmanship but were ready to go all out now. She was stopped by Yatagarasu. He explained why it was to her advantage to postpone this battle. Her unique trait was the power to plunder the ability of Kings she defeated. But Kazuki would be Amaterasu’s King candidate shortly and was not yet officially Solomon’s King. She walked off with the brothers. They followed Yatagarasu inside and up the stairs. They found a room covered in blood, where that poor contractor and been brutally slaughtered. Kazuki was confused and disturbed they expected him to add a dead girl to his Harem.  Amaterasu had taken the girl’s soul deep into her realm and was desperately using her waning power to keep it alive. If they could restore her power and combine it with Kazuki’s it should be possible to replace her girl’s destroyed flesh body. They reached the place where she was sealed. They were asked to supply power to her through the Astrum to help her emerge.

In the Astrum Kazuha was confronted by a Kazuki who insulted her and treated her with hostility. She recognized it as a fake but still found it disturbing and was badly shaken. Both of them passed this test. She was glad to find the genuine Kazuki. He hugged and reassured her. They were greeted by a girl calling herself Kamimura Itsuki and a couple of strange creatures a blob-like man and a shark. They were told that Amaterasu was amused by love games and they would use them to draw her out. The perverted blob tried to attack Kazuha and when Kazuki protected her he got absorbed instead. He lost his composure and was almost led down the wrong path but Kazuha brought him back to his senses. He defeated the thing and they passed the second test. Kazuki realized the girl was Amaterasu’s deceased contractor.

Itsuki tells them that Amaterasu made these two to keep her company. Apparently she was shy and introverted and had no friends before Amaterasu. They both hated hard work and lived on their computers. Yatagarasu was a temporary existence sent to guide them here. Amaterasu made this area for her but was now in a state like hibernation. Without a contractor with a flesh body to recover in, she needed another source of energy. She might awaken if they held a festival, which Itsuki couldn’t do by herself and she seemed depressed. They were requested to perform a “lewd carnival”, in other words perverted acts. It was explained that Amaterasu drew her power though such interactions. They were told to “dance naked” in other words to interact with open and honest feelings. A dice game with a magical effect would help them honestly admit their feelings. They were given no choice but to agree. Kazuha was compelled to reveal her love for Kazuki openly. The two found themselves alone and in some sort of trance. They revealed more of themselves during the dance and soon things got perverted. They snapped out of it when Amaterasu finally awoke. Itsuki joined them as her Diva apologized for the trouble. Kazuki asked her to restore their clothes.

Futsunushi no Kami finally turned up. They were annoyed he hadn’t warned them about this task. But Kazuki probably would have brought someone else and Kazuha’s true feelings would have stayed hidden. She remained embarrassed by her recent actions. Leme was pleased this task was done without the Harem finding out and fighting over it. Amaterasu formally introduced herself and confirmed the plan. Aisu had been contracted on the basis of strength. Itsuki had been picked because they were best friends and was instantly defeated. Amaterasu felt guilty for that and was going to combine Kazuki’s power with hers to rebuild her body. The lifespan of this new body would depend on their shared bond.  Itsuki didn’t care about things like romance but her Diva insisted real life was worth experiencing. Kazuki agreed to the deal because he felt sorry for this lonely and depressed girl too. She officially became a conquest target, but her Positivity Level wasn’t great.

One the recommendation of Itsuki they began to flee from the evil spirits after being detected in the world of the dead. They weren’t properly warned about the dangers of this place. Itsuki was out of shape and Kazuki was forced to carry her. The spirits chasing them weren’t strong but were unlimited in number. Their greatest advantage was they could outrun them. But they were ambushed by Aisu and the Takasugi brothers before they could escape. Aisu wanted to prove herself the strongest swordsman as well as become King. Itsuki volunteers to hold back the spirits chasing them while the other two fight. The brothers had degenerated into something less than human in their desire for power. They became a monster which blocked their path. As Kazuha prepared to take it on, even Aisu agreed with them that it was idiotic to go that far to get stronger.  Aisu was totally focused on Kazuki and let Kazuha pass her unmolested and the battlefield was divided into three.

Kazuha even incorporated Aisu’s skills into her attacks but wasn’t able to damage the monster at close-range. So she backed away and hit it with magic. They were so completely transformed Kazuha wondered if they could ever return to being human. Her Diva confirmed the shock of returning to normal would probably kill them. They might just barely have a chance to save them but the Summoning Magic she had wasn’t suited to this battle. Instead she was offered help from a Japanese Diva who was nearly identical to hers, Take Mikadzuchi. He had formerly possessed one of the brothers (even he couldn’t tell which one) but was now back to his senses. He admired Kazuha’s desire to save the lives of those despicable twins and wanted to contract with her as well.  This was possible because he and Futsunushi no Kami were originally the same entity. This wasn’t totally without risk to her but she took the chance. As the Divas fused (though their personalities remained separate) some of her Summoning Magic changed and got stronger. She was thrilled with her increased power that let her suddenly dominate the fight.

Aisu ended up conceding her defeat on this occasion but managed to escape. Kazuha had also won her battle and reduced the brothers to a state of Magic Intoxication. Itsuki managed to vaporize the nearby spirits. Though Kazuki had allowed Aisu to flee the fact she had admitted her loss meant the influence of her Diva should be reduced. Most of the Divas who were originally loyal to Amaterasu should have returned to their senses. Kazuki wondered how many times he had to beat her to get her to submit. Kazuha joked he could always add her to his Harem instead.  This should be enough to send Yamato into disarray so they made their way out to signal their success so the attack could begin. They brought the collapsed brothers back to the real world with them. Itsuki was disturbed to see the bloodstains where she had been murdered. Kazuki could tell from her body weight that she needed to recover more substance. They were interested in helping her. But Itsuki didn’t care much about herself and didn’t want attention only out of pity. Kazuha insisted it was out of goodwill.

When Kazuki’s group got closer to the entrance they found Aisu being confronted by Kaya and a group of masked people. They apparently had made a deal to help her become King. They had agreed not to attack Kazuki until their contest was settled. But Kaya had predicted all along that Kazuki would win in the end. Even if he lost, she knew that the nature of Aisu’s Power of Usurpation meant she would turn on the other Kings next. Aisu was ready to surrender herself totally to her Diva to power up and get her revenge but Kazuki stopped her and suggested they work together to escape. Kazuki predicts that Kaya had only brought her own close associates here. She couldn’t afford to have the deception they used to win over the Japanese Divas be exposed. She asked her followers to hold the contractors of the strongest Japanese Divas back. She and the others were shocked when Kazuki unlocked the second part of his Magic Dress, Solomon’s Emblem.

Kazuki unlocked a new skill and was able to contact Miō with Telepathy. He let them know the mission was a success. He said many enemy magic users will have fled and urged them to attack new. The group displayed their Summoning Magic as they ran down the stairs to intercept the force from Yamato. Aisu acted offended after getting help from Itsuki but still lined up with them. Among the masked figures facing them Kazuki recognized Maya. He also recognized other Divas from Norse Mythology such as Hel and Fenrir. But he knew from past experience that while Illegal Magicians had fast chanting speed, they tended to be limited to low-level magic. He was confident in his companions facing 3-to-1 odds and took on Kaya.

Kazuki easily used his improved power to overpower Kaya, who surrendered control to Loki. After an intense battle Kazuki was surprised when Loki decided they should retreat rather than finish him off. It seems they were satisfied having gotten an accurate picture of his growth. Kazuki was viewed as a necessary piece of their future plans. After they left, Aisu also retreated, promising to get her revenge on those guys as well as to defeat Kazuki. Since Loki had betrayed her it seemed like Yamato’s support from the Japanese Divas was over but it seemed neither of them were interested in Yamato anymore. Kazuki worried about the future and decided they should return to Japan’s territory.

Just as their allies had won, a couple of powerful magicians from China had suddenly turned up, broken thorough their lines and were approaching Kanon and Akane at headquarters. Kazuki wasn't really surprised. Kazuki arrived on the battlefield carrying Kazuha and Itsuki. They would be unable to reach their friends in time so at Kazuha’s suggestion they were thrown. They weren’t able to hurt the enemies but succeeded in distracting them. Kazuki also launched a high-speed attack and failed to affect anything. Kanon used a spell that removed the Sacred Treasures held by the enemies.  The allowed them to fight back to some degree. But the Japanese Knights were still in disarray and helpless. It seemed things would get worse when Lotte detected more strange magicians approaching. But these figures on horseback had come to help Japan. Their leader used a Sacred Treasure that disrupted all the magic in the area. The enemies were left vulnerable by this and fled along with the Yamato troops. The Knights were ordered not to pursue. The strangers offered to join their ranks. It turned out they belonged to an alliance of Asian countries opposed to the aggressive expansion of China.

Kazuki attended a meeting that also served as a mission debriefing. The leaders of Ryōzanpaku were hoping to form an alliance with a Magically Advanced Country. Japan had always remained neutral in these conflicts. Soon the international community would step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate and issue a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. If there was a divided opinion on this, things might not be settled until the battle between Kazuki and Aisu ends and Japan had am official King. They were interrupted by the German Knights, including the newly recovered Beatrix. They announced they would be suspending their agreement with the government of Japan until this matter was settled.

Powers and Abilities Edit

General Magic: Kazuha is a real genius with magic to the point that if she ever moved to Magic Division she would already be a Rank-A student like Amasaki Miō. Her versatile usage of General Magic is so great that it can even be used for combat, espionage, information gathering, etc. Both Hayashizaki Kanae and Otonashi Kaguya have stated that their general magic is inferior to Kazuha's.

Swordsmanship: Despite her talent in magic, she loved swords instead of magic. Due to her father not wanting her to become a swordsman, she tried to self-educate herself, but this caused her to develop bad habits leaving her unable to fight other skilled swordsmen. After she trained under Kazuki, she has properly developed her skills to where she could be considered one of the strongest students in the Swordsmanship Division. A lot of people might argue that her skill even surpasses Kazuki as she managed to hit an opponent on her first swing while Kazuki failed to hit the same opponent even once after she hit him 4 times.

Leadership: In the events of the Civil War Kazuha was put in command of the Witch's House and the Swordsmanship Division Student Council in Kazuki's absence due to her surprising level of adaptability and skill in real combat situations which she demonstrated during her infiltration operation, despite having far less experience than the ones she leads. Under her command, they countered and destroyed an enemy ambush with ease.

Adaptability: Perhaps her greatest skill. Due to her being a Magika Stigma but choosing to align with the Sword Division, she spends much time perfecting her skill and working out new techniques. She invented techniques like sound suppression and echo-location on the battlefield and makes counters to dire situations almost instantly. She only needed 1 month to learn foresight, a technique said to take a year to learn. She has even managed to also imperfectly copy an enemy's greatest technique while in combat with 2 other warriors and subsequently use it to land a blow on its original wielder, which even Kazuki himself failed to do and subsequently was stunned with amazement upon her success.

Summoning Magic:Edit

Kazuha was classified as an Illegal Magician due to her contact with the General of Amaterasu and Sword God, Futsunushi no Kami from the Japanese Mythology. She uses a number of close-range spells since most of the spells entail summoning sword-shaped Sacred Treasures, which can be used for long-range. After both Kazuha and Kazuki invaded Yamato, she later came across Take Mikadzuchi who was revealed to be also the other half of Futsunushi-no-Kami and the two later became one Diva again changing the characteristics of some of their 10 spells and making them stronger than before.

10 Inherent Powers: Edit

Level 1: ?

Level 2: Kenki Tensei: A globe of fire burns into existence at the caster's side and floats in place. From within the flame, a sword appears, a phantom of a famous Japanese swordsman/warrior starts floating faintly overlapping with the weapon and comes into existence they can then attack the opponent with the same skills and abilities they had when they were alive. The limit is a maximum of three phantoms.

Level 3: Futsu no Mitama: It creates a copy of Futsunushi no Kami that possesses the power to tear apart magic power and purify evil.

Level 4: Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi: A composite attack that consists of a shockwave of wind and an explosion of flame.

Level 5: Tenkū Battō Rengehō: The caster summons a giant wind of flame that creates Sacred Treasure katana. These katana can be launched at the enemy and are enhanced with many elements, like being covered in flames, or clad in electricity, or the ability to fly in an irregular trajectory.

Level 6: Kenki Shihou Ken: A large number of bluish-white souls gather around the user, they then transform into 4 enormous arms and katana with each hand wielding a katana. The arms answer to the users' will and can be controlled remotely.

Level ?: Mikafutsu no Mitama: The caster creates a large golden katana that has the speed and destructive power of lightning.

Level ?:

Level ?:

Level 10: Futsunushi no Kami: Futsunushi no Kami can be summoned as the real sword and not a copy of a sword. This allows the user to use him as a sword. This sword is able to cut only the thing the wielder wishes to cut. What Futsunushi no Kami can cut is in proportion to the skill of its wielder.

Harem King Powers: Edit

Any Harem member with a Positivity Level of 150 or better gains the ability to communicate Telepathically with the Harem King.


  • She and Kazuki had their first kiss in Volume 5, Chapter 1
  • Kazuki obtained the Key to her Heart in Volume 5, Chapter 4
  • Unlike the rest of the Harem, she prefers to stand side by side with Kazuki instead of in front or behind him
  • She lost her virginity to Kazuki in Volume 13, Chapter 2 (along with most of the Harem)
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