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Weparl's human form
Japanese ベパー
Rōmaji Veparu
Other names Separ


Personal Information
Species Diva
Gender 212px-FemaleFemale
Status Alive
Eye Golden
Hair Blue
Affiliation 72 Pillars of Solomon

Hayashizaki Kazuki (King)

Partner(s) Hiakari Koyuki
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 3
Manga debut Chapter 34

Vepar (ベパー) is the 42nd of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. She is the Diva of Hiakari Koyuki.


Vepar is a mermaid that has the appearance of a young girl with long blue hair tied into a ponytail as well as gold colored eyes with scales and a fin on her lower body. She also wears a blue ribbon around her neck.


Not much is known about her personality but being the Diva of ice and snow it is speculated that she has a cold and expressionless personality much like her contractor Koyuki. But it turns out she grew up lonely like Koyuki and gave her a push to resolve herself. Like any other Diva of the 72 Pillars she acknowledges Hayashizaki Kazuki as King.



During the Contracting Ceremony in Volume 1, Hiakari Koyuki became her contractor. She was one of only three students to succeed on her first try that year.


Volume 3 Edit

Ever since Koyuki awoke from a state of Magic Intoxication, she was unable to properly use her magic. When they were in a dangerous situation, Kazuki had to devote himself full-time to protecting her. Eventually they were in a life-or-death situation. Vepar spoke to Koyuki, telling her that the feeling of wanting to be strong was no longer the strongest feeling within her. She must embrace the new feelings in her heart if she wanted to unlock her magic again. Koyuki finds new strength after embracing her feelings for Kazuki and her desire to protect her friends. Later on Nyarlathotep seizes control of Koyuki’s body briefly but Kazuki drives him out. Nyarlathotep has stolen her magic power and tries to use it to kill Kazuki. Kazuki kisses Koyuki and summons Vepar. Nyarlathotep tries to cast the same spell but Vepar tells Kazuki that the fake stolen magic would never overcome the real thing and it proves quite correct.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

10 Inherent Powers:Edit

Level 1: Glacier Wind: Sends a chilly gust of arctic wind like the breath of a mermaid towards the enemy, freezing them.

Level 2: Moves in the Field: A large area of the ground around the user is frozen and skates made of ice are created on the bottoms of her and her allies' shoes allowing them to skate across the ice quickly while also impairing the movement of her enemies. This also gives the caster the ability to use close combat by utilizing sharp kicks with the edges of their ice skates damaging the opponent.

Level 3: Freeze Barrier: Defensive magic that surrounds the target in an icy wind.

Level 4: Tidal Wave: Creates a large tsunami in front of the user that crashes down on the enemy with great force.

Level 5: White Album: Large scale destruction magic that temporarily changes the space into a world of a winter blizzard that extinguishes all flames.

Level 6: Ice Buster: The user slams their hand down on the ground and 6-10 sharp icebergs emerge from the ground flying through the air to pierce the enemy. The hardness, sharpness, and transparency of the icebergs increases the colder it is.

Level 7: ?

Level 8: Ice Age: The avatar of Vepar materializes behind the castor and an atmosphere of pure cold and ice that even surpasses the blizzard of the third level of Mt. Fuji's Haunted Ground is created where all enemies slow down and eventually freeze.

Level 9: Negative Over Zero: Both the caster and Vepar breathe out atom gas that possesses a minus Kelvin temperature, which even surpasses absolute zero, in a straight line toward the enemy.

Level 10: Diamond Dust ・ Absolute Zero: A stream of fierce wind is thrust out from the hand, that wind has a temperature of -273°C and also contains blocks of ice. This attack freezes and destroys the enemy on an atomic level.


  • Hiakari Koyuki became her Favored Princess Magician in Volume 9, Chapter 3
  • Known as the Grand Duchess of the sea
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