Witch's House (魔女の家 Majo no Ie) is the residence used by the students of Magic Division student council and first year A class students for special guidance.

Appearance Edit

The Witch's house is a renaissance, western-styled mansion made with black wood surrounding the white colored walls. Although it isn't glamorous, however the interior is extremely refined. Also there is a variety of furniture that is the same as in a high-class hotel. There are many rooms on the second floor, the first floor is a common living room with a kitchen and a bathroom. 

History Edit

Residents Edit

2nd Years

1st Years

  • Miō Amasaki - A class student
  • Koyuki Hiakari - A class student
  • Kazuki Hayashizaki - Chief Student Council President (originally E class student designated as Illegal Summoner placed for supervision in Witch Mansion)
  • Charlotte Lieben Frau - Special Student due to political refugee status.
  • Karin Katsura - Because of her status as a (former) Yamato Spy, she was placed in the Witch Mansion for supervision.
  • Itsuki Kamimura - Since she was killed by Aisu Ikousai in order for her to regain and retain her physical body she was placed in the Witch Mansion to be close to Kazuki.

Former Resident

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