Yamagata Koyata
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Japanese 山形こやた
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender 212px-MaleMale
Age 40s
Status Alive
Occupation Knight Order Regimental Commander
Affiliation Hayashizaki Kazuki
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 5

Yamagata Koyata (山形こやた) is a Regimental Commander in the Knight Order who worked with Hayashizaki Kazuki. He and the young King greatly respected each other and worked closely together throughout the events of the Civil War against Yamato.

Appearance Edit

He is described as a man in the prime of life.

Personality Edit

He developed a great respect for Hayashizaki Kazuki after he won Japan its first victory in the Civil War, despite the fact that he ignored proper chain of command. He has a brilliant strategic mind, they tried to be careful of information leaks as China seemed to have spies all over the place. He was one of the earliest and strongest supporters of the young King.

History Edit

Background Edit

He has served in the Knight Order for a number of years and rose to the rank of Regimental Commander of the Shizuoka Regiment.

Plot Edit

Volume 5 Edit

Without warning Knight Order posts across western Japan were attacked and wiped out in a massive coordinated attack. Those who attacked them were Illegal Magicians who were using Divas of Japanese Mythology. Only about 200 Knights and a few third year students from the Knight Academy managed to escape. The enemy leadership appeared on TV declaring the new independent state of Yamato and started building a wall. Those leaders were former government officials and claimed they were acting to create a state that would follow the Japanese Mythology. The Divas they used were all in a Wild God state, apparently losing it after being ignored by Japan’s people for so long. But all this was a façade that was clear to those who knew anything about these officials. It had been long suspected these officials were secretly tied to China and had been working hard to undermine Japan from within. The fact they had allied with Loki was also a clear sign they couldn’t be trusted.

A dozen third year students led by Kodzuki Kanon and Yagumo Akane returned to the Knight Academy to recruit reinforcements to help them secure the border. Hayashizaki Kazuki agreed and organized a volunteer force of 150 elite students plus a squad of professional German Knights. On their way to the front lines this group was nearly wiped out by a perfectly coordinated ambush. Kazuki was smart enough to realize the only way that could have been pulled off was if there was a traitor, probably high up in the Knight Order, leaking all their plans and movements to the enemy. He realized the war effort was doomed unless they could act without tipping their hand to the enemy. He led the students out of the front line base in secret and raided the enemy base. He saw no reason to follow conventional military tactics in a magic war and executed an unorthodox but brilliant strategy. This became Japan’s first victory in the Civil War and his efforts rescued a number of prisoners and gave Japan a foothold in enemy territory.   

Once the captured enemy magicians had run out of magic power, their Divas were no longer in a Wild God state and were willing to answer questions. All the shrines in western Japan had been destroyed by people who seemed to be government officials and claiming they were showing their devotion to the 72 Pillars. But since the 72 Pillars didn’t demand such acts it was easy to guess that had been a deception performed to drive them into a Wild God state and turn them against Japan. That way they fully signed on to a new state based on their own Mythology. Once they really thought about it, it was clear how they were deceived. However, as long as the others remained in a Wild God state than wouldn’t listen to reason. They were told the easiest way to calm them all down was to calm the rage of the Chief God located at Ise Grand Shrine.

Yamagata participates in a small strategy meeting. The others present were Kazuki, Kanon, Akane and Knight Academy Headmaster Amasaki. He told them he planned to march across the border and make a massive push north, to whittle down the enemy forces as much as possible. They still weren’t sure where the information leak was coming from so only the people in this room would know this attack was only a diversion. Meanwhile the mission to reach the shrine would be taken on by the students, namely Kazuki and his friend Tsukahara Kazuha, who had a contract with the Japanese Diva Futsunushi no Kami. At Kanon’s suggestion they would infiltrate the shrine by sea to avoid detection.       

Volume 6 Edit

As the Regimental Commander he was the one who came up with the specific plan. To hide their departure Kazuki’s group was given a day off to celebrate their victory and driven to the beach. There a specially prepared boat was waiting. After getting trained to use it Kazuki and Kazuha would sail to Ise Grand Shrine. The fact that the enemy didn’t seem to be shoring up their defenses seemed odd to Kazuki. He figured either the Yamato guys were inept and hadn’t predicted their move, or they would be caught in a surprise ambush when they arrived. The way the mission was planned made Kazuki wonder if he was still being treated as a disposable pawn by those in power, who hadn’t yet accepted his status as King. They were given colored beacons to be lit after the mission ended, to indicate success or failure. Everything went as planned at the beach and they departed safely.

Akane was called in by Commander Yamagata. He decided to give both her and Kanon key leadership roles in the counter-attack against Yamato. Though she wasn’t confident, at least he knew for sure she wasn’t a spy for Yamato. He agreed with the notion of not worrying about following traditional tactics in a magic war. Akane already respected Kazuki as a King and wanted to serve under him but he wasn’t back yet. Akane felt her own lack of experience after that last battle but her superior encouraged her. She mustered her courage and accepted. They are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Amasaki Miō. She told them Kazuki was able to contact her through their connection. He said the mission was a success and to launch the attack at once. They found this a little hard to accept but once they thought about him being a King this kind of ability wasn’t that hard to accept.

Lotte played a vital role here, but it took persuasion by Kazuki and Akane before the Knight Order would allow her to help, due to her being an Illegal Magician. Japan’s success in this battle so far could be said to be a combination of Kazuki’s creative style and Akane’s knowledge of traditional tactics. Just as the Knight Order was poised to claim victory they were suddenly attacked by a powerful group of magicians from China. Even when Kazuki’s group arrived to help they were in a tough spot. They were saved by the sudden arrival of another group of foreign magicians, this one was opposed to the aggressive expansion of China.

Kazuki attended a meeting with Commander Yamagata and Akane, it also served as a mission debriefing. The leader of Ryōzanpaku Lu Shang Xiang was also present along with Silirat Denkaosen. They were stunned Kazuki was a King, they had never heard of a male King before. China’s Taoist Mythology had become corrupted and they were extremely aggressive. Most of the smaller neighboring countries were clearly choosing surrender rather than face an armed conflict. Those who lost their freedom would essentially be forced to do forced labor to provide them resources produced through alchemy. This group felt that the worse price was that their language, Mythology and culture would be stamped out and replaced by China’s. This group was hoping to form an alliance with the first Magically Advanced Country to be targeted by China in this way.

Yamagata was encouraged to endorse this alliance to repay them for saving them. Yamagata hesitated because Japan had always remained neutral in these conflicts. Yamagata knew the international community would soon step in and force a cease fire. They would then investigate and issue a judgment of which government was the legitimate ruling body of Japan. If there was a divided opinion on this, things might not be settled until the battle between Kazuki and Ikōsai Aisu ends and Japan had am official King.  They were interrupted by Eleonora Abendroth and Beatrix Baumgard, who had just recovered from Magic Intoxication. Kazuki was certainly treating Beatrix with far more affection. Eleonora had evidently overheard their meeting because she declared their alliance was suspended until the international investigation was concluded. Sure enough, things progressed just how Yamagata predicted, which was just what Loki was after.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He was well past his prime in terms of magic power and would no longer be able to fight on the front lines.

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